∆ New Name


A step backwards ONE would begin to feel. Sometimes the newest bearings can

be the oldest of an experience. The reciprocity torments the reality of dealing with the

halcyon truth. It flies over ONE’S globe entwined and harmonized like a quartet. If only

life was orchestrated. The need of ∆ new name would be a void. The ORACLE would be the

singular inner voice resinated in the auditory cortex. Only the living can give life to the

lifeless. To be is to do and to do is to be. The do is easier when you can continuously erase

and be new. The being is the hardest when you choose to not do. The NOTHING, a true

void. No relativity, negative and positive simply deal in silence and stealth. The quietest

and most reserved combat one could imagine.  A journey is never-ending but a moment

will always come to ENDE.

We See You!


One of the worst phases in one’s life is when one can’t hide or exaggerate moments in life. Being surrounded by perceptive individuals can destroy the adventurer.  Reacting on adverse impulses or wanting to escape to an astral world never seem to enthuse or twit perceptive individuals, for willingness to suspend their disbelief appears prohibitive.

Understanding is blah! Always being awake can be insulting and flat out BORing. These individuals can be Pragmatist, Logisticians, and most times straight to the point. Life is naturally designed to be structured and contained. Don’t you dare imagine anything oust…Wait, don’t imagine! It has to be genuine in existence.  Hope and faith?! Perceptiveness people do not bother to gamble.

Literacy and only what the naked eye can and has observed is factual. Have a well versed opinion and always speak intelligently. Tricks are primitive, so do not attempt to mask or manipulate any aspects of your life. Stay focus and aligned, regardless of your transient and insignificant circumstances. Only the weak will worry. A perceptive one knows these phases mean nothing to the overall meaning of existence.


Re-civilizing Black Men in America: Nivea’s Solution To The End Of Racial Profiling.

Nivea, a personal care company that specializes in skin and body care released a controversial ad sometime in August of 2011.nivea

Nivea pulls ‘re-civilized’ ad that sparked racial controversy – Elizabeth Flock

The raw and authentic image of a black men is continuously misconceived and deemed destructive. Are the characteristics of being civil based on the majority of people who have financial influence or is this idea genetically built into humans DNA? The company decided to have the ad removed indefinitely, but one might conclude, the fresh and clean cut image of the black man in the ad, is the standard and solution to end one who constantly experience racial profiling.

The ad displays a young athletic man model of African decent, holding a bodiless head, with an un-groomed face and a full head of hair in a bushy-like style. The model appears to be in the motion of throwing the head far away from him. He has a strong grip on the hair of the bodiless head and his face expression displays a look of heavy physical exertion.

The sky is clear and blue, the sun shines bright behind him. Furthermore, a ray of light streams down from the top of his shoulder, across his body and down to the top of his kneecap. In addition to his buzz cut and a clean-shaven facial appearance.

This descriptive imagery is the perfect example of a brand new individual and beautiful reboot at life for any human being. One would presume this European appearance is more desirable in the eyes of the majority. The model in the Nivea’s ad seems like a simple and easy solution for black men in America. If you don’t want to be harassed, experience injustice, and mistreatment then look like you give a damn about yourself. Black men need to be shown how to be civil, because the physical characteristics of people of European descent are civil.

Does appearance dictate if a man is civilized or uncivilized? The company’s objective was to demonstrate a more rejuvenating, clean, fresh and appealing man; but in the eyes of whom? Should there be a standardized appearance for black men or men in general to mitigate racial profiling?

It is normal human behavior to want to formalize and simplify things. Life tends to be more convenient and easier for the superiority to identify uncivilized individuals. Maybe Nivea’s subliminal message in the ad was hint of what makes black men less threatening and suspicious. Regardless of the skin tone of the man or woman behind the marketing and strategy team for this Nivea ad, a human being perception is key to how one perceives another. We are all guilty of stereotyping one another. This ignorant type of behavior has a natural programming effect on the minds of vast audiences around world. We give these characteristics meaningless value and weight, which result in dire consequences.

You don’t need to hear to understand.


One would think an individual inability to hear would be an unlucky attribute, compared to the majority of individuals with all of their known senses.

For individuals to fully embrace what some may consider a defect in human birth, to be a unique characteristic is extremely intriguing. One may conclude these advancements to be a huge set back in improving and stabilizing the overall health of the human race. Or maybe not! By the same token, finding one in favor of this decision by the two parents, may question one’s humanity and sanity.

As a reader, removing religious aspects and viewpoints, these actions touch common moral laws in a deplorable manner. The parents intentionally searched for a sperm donor with a history of deafness in order to replicate their uniqueness.

Lesbian couple create a child who is deaf like them – M Spriggs

Questions that come to mind:

Would government aid be provided by our hard working citizens to those minorities who feel it’s rather unique to be deaf?

What happens if the experiment fails and the baby is born with all senses or a different uniqueness? Would the child be neglected and not loved due to not sharing the same uniqueness?

Should parents have a divine hand to a change that would possibly complicate one’s expansion of life journeys?

These wants and desires appear to be selfish and the acts of two humans trying to fill a void. A selfless parent generally wants the best for their child whether or not they have it themselves.

On The F Train.

F Train

Let’s be honest with one another. Two will never run parallel if one is on a path destine for exclusive desire. Once we’ve arrived…. nameless and unashamed, one goes one way and other goes another. This train ride is now making impulsive stops. Time to change tracks. One only enjoys express rides while on the F train. Emotional paths are always derailed before crossing. The only benefit is social and voluptuous advancement. Shall one supersede the other will leave. Presumptions always lower the motivation of a joyride. A decree of detachment, unaccountability, and lack of legitimacy garnishes the affiliation. Tasteless cravings is no better than a humans hunger for affection. The understanding of separation is a prerequisite, because one will always split destinations. C’est la vie! For one does not ride the L train. -Freø

“It is hard to take orders from a man you laughed at in your cups.”


Has it been almost a year?! Constantly dumbfounded when it comes to relativity of time; especially when surrounding matters are continuously expanding. Here’s to new bearings, challenges, and ambitions. Leadership roles come with great sacrifices and responsibility. Priorities change and complete removal of self becomes of great importance. Ironically, one may confuse the behavioral shift with being egotistical. Previous psychological images can be hard to suspend in the time of duty for some.

“It is hard to take orders from a man you laughed at in your cups.” – George R. R. Martin

Who dares listens to the one who previously or currently drinks responsibly and laughs undisciplined amongst its colleagues. Does this irregular and lawful behavior carried out during one’s leisure time, dictate one’s overall excellence of work?! This type of behavior should be kept classified, for it may mislead and cloud the judgment of your fellow colleagues. This perception is unfortunate. One of the trials on the journey of  being completely free is being truthful.- FREØ



The Higher Animal


The higher animals believe simplicity is the best way to live life. To have is a commodity. To Be is insignificant. When an element becomes too complex, we challenge and characterize the complication. We restrict our imagination and measure our self worth based on other beings triumph. Some analyze and recalculate the complication to understand the cause and effect.  In search of purpose, we summarize and generalize the complication. No component can be free and unexplained. Free is rather primitive and maybe viewed as wild and treacherous. We will soon see human course versus nature’s course.

Road Rage. Responsible Drivers Beware.




No Point of Return. The road ahead was pure determination.

Self. Destiny. Nothing else mattered.

Pedestrians and all moving mechanisms yielded to the force moving recklessly.

Red ignited anxiety and anger.

Yellow was never transparent.

Green levitated confidence and dominion over the grid.

This ownership was not contagious nor was it entertaining.

The deadline was near.

No being would care.

Lack of time management sparked fear.

Everyone in the sphere had to witness self shifting gears on the journey of asperity.





TO Love and BE LOVED!


Love isn’t complete bliss and it’s definitely not a PEACE OF MIND.

Love has no rules or codes. It’s limitless like the free radicals that roam throughout the universe. Over the years I have come to an understanding that LOVE isn’t some card game you play when you want attention or social acceptance from your peers. Nor is love what you can provide below the waist line to your significant other. The breeding aspects of love is the gift. Love for me in a relationship is passion. Not just the desiring elements of passion, but the trail of sacrifices and suffering two individuals will make on the journey of love. To put things in perspective, you don’t need to be in a monogamous relationship to experience the elements of love. Love many, be loved by many, love what you do, and LOVE YOU! We all were made out of love and in return will naturally transmit love. Your reflection will glow before your eyes. Whether it’s a dark and cold love or a bright and warm love. Love is the root of all behavior. Feast on love EVERYDAY everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉

Stuck in TranZit

Stuck in TranZit

Family time can be limited for the wanderer. In the midst of familiar, ones eye begins to drift into the past. In tranZit, one dances around the darkness, grabbing the festive moments of joy and youth. The seeker hallucinates and tries to live. The apparition of the force is not yet discovered.

No awareness for the dreamer.
Relativity of time is lost.
No observers of this experience.

The notorious city of the North does not captivate the uncertain. Paradise fades, the routine of everyday chaos prevails. The mirror of death has lost its reflection. Self has been removed. The purpose has grown to be greater than ones comprehension. All matter stops. The expansion of thought has reached its magnitude.

No Dreamers
No Journeys
No Discovery

Complete silence. Stuck in tranZit.