Alcoholism: do we make it bigger than it is?

lol @ “Because tomorrow you are going to go back to celery sticks and sadness.” – Allie Holbrook

I agree with your thoughts on “Alcoholism: do we make it bigger than it is?” Years ago I use to think that alcoholism was just horseplay for people to get out of certain situations and to gain people forgiveness. How could any sane being not say NO to drinking or any drug, when it could possibly end life. As humans, we naturally become dependent on even the simplest things. How could any sane being insist on using their mobile electronic device when driving? It’s the elements those dependecies bring: Peace, Freedom, Love and Happiness. Even if their momentarily, we desire these elements naturally. You are absolutely right, we should gain control and not give these dependencies power over our lives. Raising self awareness is one of the keys to stripping away the power from these dependencies. Thanks for sharing your experience. -Kiambe Hilliard

And Everything Afterwards

The other reason I’ve been quiet these last couple of weeks is that I’ve been sick.  It was one of those illnesses that likes to duck and weave; it started as a sore throat, turned into something flu-like and then refused to go down for the count and turned itself into bronchiolitis.

Well into the second week, and exhausted from waking myself up coughing ten times a night, I decided to throw some medication at the problem.  I’ve never been much for taking medicine; I tell LH that this is because I like to ‘listen to my body when it tells me I need rest, not ‘soldier on” but maybe it’s just that most medications say don’t mix with alcohol, who knows.

Anyway, this time around I went and bought a bottle of cough syrup and some other preparations.  I took the first dose just after lunch; an hour later, driving…

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