Stuck in TranZit

Stuck in TranZit

Family time can be limited for the wanderer. In the midst of familiar, ones eye begins to drift into the past. In tranZit, one dances around the darkness, grabbing the festive moments of joy and youth. The seeker hallucinates and tries to live. The apparition of the force is not yet discovered.

No awareness for the dreamer.
Relativity of time is lost.
No observers of this experience.

The notorious city of the North does not captivate the uncertain. Paradise fades, the routine of everyday chaos prevails. The mirror of death has lost its reflection. Self has been removed. The purpose has grown to be greater than ones comprehension. All matter stops. The expansion of thought has reached its magnitude.

No Dreamers
No Journeys
No Discovery

Complete silence. Stuck in tranZit.

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