TO Love and BE LOVED!


Love isn’t complete bliss and it’s definitely not a PEACE OF MIND.

Love has no rules or codes. It’s limitless like the free radicals that roam throughout the universe. Over the years I have come to an understanding that LOVE isn’t some card game you play when you want attention or social acceptance from your peers. Nor is love what you can provide below the waist line to your significant other. The breeding aspects of love is the gift. Love for me in a relationship is passion. Not just the desiring elements of passion, but the trail of sacrifices and suffering two individuals will make on the journey of love. To put things in perspective, you don’t need to be in a monogamous relationship to experience the elements of love. Love many, be loved by many, love what you do, and LOVE YOU! We all were made out of love and in return will naturally transmit love. Your reflection will glow before your eyes. Whether it’s a dark and cold love or a bright and warm love. Love is the root of all behavior. Feast on love EVERYDAY everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉

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