“It is hard to take orders from a man you laughed at in your cups.”


Has it been almost a year?! Constantly dumbfounded when it comes to relativity of time; especially when surrounding matters are continuously expanding. Here’s to new bearings, challenges, and ambitions. Leadership roles come with great sacrifices and responsibility. Priorities change and complete removal of self becomes of great importance. Ironically, one may confuse the behavioral shift with being egotistical. Previous psychological images can be hard to suspend in the time of duty for some.

“It is hard to take orders from a man you laughed at in your cups.” – George R. R. Martin

Who dares listens to the one who previously or currently drinks responsibly and laughs undisciplined amongst its colleagues. Does this irregular and lawful behavior carried out during one’s leisure time, dictate one’s overall excellence of work?! This type of behavior should be kept classified, for it may mislead and cloud the judgment of your fellow colleagues. This perception is unfortunate. One of the trials on the journey of  being completely free is being truthful.- FREØ



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