On The F Train.

F Train

Let’s be honest with one another. Two will never run parallel if one is on a path destine for exclusive desire. Once we’ve arrived…. nameless and unashamed, one goes one way and other goes another. This train ride is now making impulsive stops. Time to change tracks. One only enjoys express rides while on the F train. Emotional paths are always derailed before crossing. The only benefit is social and voluptuous advancement. Shall one supersede the other will leave. Presumptions always lower the motivation of a joyride. A decree of detachment, unaccountability, and lack of legitimacy garnishes the affiliation. Tasteless cravings is no better than a humans hunger for affection. The understanding of separation is a prerequisite, because one will always split destinations. C’est la vie! For one does not ride the L train. -Freø

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