You don’t need to hear to understand.


One would think an individual inability to hear would be an unlucky attribute, compared to the majority of individuals with all of their known senses.

For individuals to fully embrace what some may consider a defect in human birth, to be a unique characteristic is extremely intriguing. One may conclude these advancements to be a huge set back in improving and stabilizing the overall health of the human race. Or maybe not! By the same token, finding one in favor of this decision by the two parents, may question one’s humanity and sanity.

As a reader, removing religious aspects and viewpoints, these actions touch common moral laws in a deplorable manner. The parents intentionally searched for a sperm donor with a history of deafness in order to replicate their uniqueness.

Lesbian couple create a child who is deaf like them – M Spriggs

Questions that come to mind:

Would government aid be provided by our hard working citizens to those minorities who feel it’s rather unique to be deaf?

What happens if the experiment fails and the baby is born with all senses or a different uniqueness? Would the child be neglected and not loved due to not sharing the same uniqueness?

Should parents have a divine hand to a change that would possibly complicate one’s expansion of life journeys?

These wants and desires appear to be selfish and the acts of two humans trying to fill a void. A selfless parent generally wants the best for their child whether or not they have it themselves.

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