We See You!


One of the worst phases in one’s life is when one can’t hide or exaggerate moments in life. Being surrounded by perceptive individuals can destroy the adventurer.  Reacting on adverse impulses or wanting to escape to an astral world never seem to enthuse or twit perceptive individuals, for willingness to suspend their disbelief appears prohibitive.

Understanding is blah! Always being awake can be insulting and flat out BORing. These individuals can be Pragmatist, Logisticians, and most times straight to the point. Life is naturally designed to be structured and contained. Don’t you dare imagine anything oust…Wait, don’t imagine! It has to be genuine in existence.  Hope and faith?! Perceptiveness people do not bother to gamble.

Literacy and only what the naked eye can and has observed is factual. Have a well versed opinion and always speak intelligently. Tricks are primitive, so do not attempt to mask or manipulate any aspects of your life. Stay focus and aligned, regardless of your transient and insignificant circumstances. Only the weak will worry. A perceptive one knows these phases mean nothing to the overall meaning of existence.


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