∆ New Name


A step backwards ONE would begin to feel. Sometimes the newest bearings can

be the oldest of an experience. The reciprocity torments the reality of dealing with the

halcyon truth. It flies over ONE’S globe entwined and harmonized like a quartet. If only

life was orchestrated. The need of ∆ new name would be a void. The ORACLE would be the

singular inner voice resinated in the auditory cortex. Only the living can give life to the

lifeless. To be is to do and to do is to be. The do is easier when you can continuously erase

and be new. The being is the hardest when you choose to not do. The NOTHING, a true

void. No relativity, negative and positive simply deal in silence and stealth. The quietest

and most reserved combat one could imagine.  A journey is never-ending but a moment

will always come to ENDE.

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